Welcome to our website, Wira Tours and Travel. We are located in Makassar, South Sulawesi. It will be a great pleasure for us to explore and show you our cultures, beaches, landscapes etc in all corner of Sulawesi and East of Indonesia.

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Jalan Gunung Lokon 25
Makassar PO BOX 1319
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+62 411 312298, 324581
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Tour Packages
Wira Tour organize any kinds of trips within Sulawesi and beyond Sulawesi. Package tour in Rupiah or special budget package tour arrangement with public bus are also available, it will be sent to you along with details of itinerary after receiving your request.
  • 1 day Tour Makassar
  • 1 day rafting at Maulu river
  • 2 Days rafting at Sa'dan river
  • 2 days Makassar - Bira
  • 3 days Toraja Tour
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Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, is a holiday destination that is becoming popular nowadays with those in search of the exotic...

Some 315 km north of Makassar, a steep wall of mountains marks the limits of Bugis territory and the entrance into the highlands...

The third biggest lake in Indonesia has the wide about 32300 hectares with about 450 meters depth. Poso Lake has 32 Km length...

The Togians are a picturesque archipelago of 56 islands and inlets, located in the Tomini Bay. Formed by volcanic activity...